The SalesGame: A Guide to Selling Professional Services provides professionals with a practical approach to improving business development performance. This approach makes business development seem more like fun and less like work. The goal of the SalesGame is to convert qualified leads into enthusiastic clients that generate rewards commensurate with the value received. The book describes how to achieve this goal by:
Outlining the six distinct stages professionals can use to manage the business development process, including creating and qualifying leads, shaping the service, closing and assuring client enthusiasm.
Providing a core communications tool (The Ground Rule) to “connect” with clients and prospects, gather information, define buying criteria and handle objections
Describing a fundamental technique (The Scorecard) to qualify leads, create value, implement strategy and differentiate a service
Presenting best practices and specific techniques for closing in every stage of the business development process
Describing the most effective opening and questioning techniques
Providing a nine point checklist to tie the book’s concepts to an efficient and effective planning process

If professionals want to improve their business development “game”, be more efficient and effective, have more fun and a better winning percentage, they will find the SalesGame book an invaluable resource.

I wanted to thank you not only for your very enlightening and thoughtful presentation, but also for all the time and effort that you put into learning about what makes the firm tick. I know that in my own case, the best teaching that you did was in the example you set for all of us as to what can happen when you show up with a plan and a program. Well done, and thanks!


Your sessions together with us are already considered as legendary. When I am discussing business development with my colleagues and partners, we generally refer to what you taught us. I was in a meeting with a potential client yesterday, and I used the ground rule and I tried intensively to find the heart of the matter. Hopefully we will have a new client shortly. Time will tell.


SalesGame knows that selling services is different than selling products. Tom, Diane, and Larry don't come with a one-size fits all model. They used their methodology as the foundation, and then worked with our team to customize a program that met our unique needs. They desired to be a partner in all aspects of the business and became invested in the success of the company as a whole.


SalesGame understands professional services selling, and we needed this expertise and a high-value-added approach because selling to our market is difficult. I know if I apply the principles they espouse, I will be better. If you were to plot our sales revenue before and after they helped us, you would find the results to be definitive.


Our professionals now follow one consistent process for selling. Personally, I now have a logical, thorough approach to get to a prospect's heart of the matter. Tom, Diane, and Larry are unique professionals. They have helped us and shown sincere interest in our success. They apply their own ACE process when dealing with clients.


I believe this will provide a great resource for all our staff who are involved in practice development and will help our professionals WIN!


I'm always impressed by his practical advice that professionals can use to get results for their business development efforts.


Practical, real-world advice that Works. If your livelihood depends on generating new business, buy this book.




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